Our team is a collection of socially minded, globe-trotting professionals. Each one of us is aware of emerging industry trends, hot social and environmental topics, social media, and the newest technology. That knowledge, combined with extensive meeting experience and community consciousness converge to create highly customized and extraordinary events.


Oftentimes meeting and event planning becomes a secondary responsibility of individuals whose strengths and training lie in other areas. Essential elements of the planning process may be overlooked as your internal planners juggle multiple tasks. Our keen attention to detail and strong organizational skills ensure this will be the most successful and stress free meeting you've ever planned.


At A&M we believe that innovating for sustainability is a critical driver of overall success and leadership. Today, more than ever, companies have a responsibility to leverage their financial, capital and human resources to give back to the people and resources that made them successful.


Today clients require greater transparency than ever. As a citizen of the world we have a responsibility to set a positive example for our communities. Through honesty and accountability we are committed to being your trusted and reliable partner in achieving a measurable return on your investment fairly and with integrity.